Female names

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The Ajándék is an old female name of Hungarian origin. It means the gift of God which pleases (in Hungarian: "Isten örömet szerző ajándéka"). It was prevalent name in the ages of Árpád.
Its male pair: Ajándok.
Recommended namedays: 06 February., 17 July., 31 December.


The Ajnácska is a female name of Hungarian origin. It means fondled, girl wings an arrow (in Hungarian: "dédelgetett, nyilazó lány").
Recommended nameday: 25 April.


The Alma is a female name of Hungarian origin. It means apple, alimentary (in Hungarian: "alma, tápláló").
Recommended nameday: 10 July.


Recommended nameday: 26 July.


The Ankisza is the other from of Enéh. Enéh or Ankisza was the wife of Nimród, mother of Hunor and Magor in 8000 BC.


The Aporka female name is the female pair of the Apor male name.
Recommended nameday: 02 February.


The Ara is an ancient female name. It probably means bride (in Hungarian: "menyasszony").


The Arany is a Hungarian name. It means gold (in Hungarian: "arany").
Recommended nameday: 16 June.


The Aranyos is a Hungarian female name. It means goldy, goldsmith (in Hungarian: aranyos, aranyműves). Its male pair: Arany.
Recommended namedays: 16 June., 19 July., 04 October.


The Arika is a name of Hungarian origin. It probably is the form of the Aranka.
Recommended nameday: 17 August.


Recommended nameday: 17 August.


This name is a female pair of the Atos name. It means mother of my father (in Hungarian: "atyám anyja").
Recommended namedays: 10 March., 22 May., 11 November.