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This is a female name of old Hungarian origin. It means girl (in Hungarian: "lány").
Recommended nameday: 29 August.


The Léka is an ancient female name of Hungarian origin. Its meaning is unknown.
Recommended nameday: 27 August.


The Léla is a female pair of the Lél name. It means soul (in Hungarian "lélek").


The Lelle is a Hungarian female name. It means blower, soul (in Hungarian: "kürtös, kürtfúvó, lélek"). Its male pair: Lehel.
Recommended nameday: 16 October.



The Lenke is an old female name of Hungarian origin.
Recommended namedays: 22 July., 23 July., 18 August.


The Levendula is a female name of Latin-Hungarian origin. It means lavender (in Hungarian: "levendula").
Recommended namedays: 18 June., 22 July., 24 July.


The Liliom is an ancient female name of Hungarian origin from the ages of Árpád-era. It means lilium (in Hungarian: "liliom").
Recommended namedays: 11 July., 11 August.


The Lilla female name was made by Mihály Csokonai Vitéz. His love was named Lilla by he.
Recommended namedays: 12 February., 16 February., 11 July.


The Lónya is an ancient male and female name of Hungarian origin. It is the name of a very old dynasty. It means horse, rider (in Hungarian: ló, lovas").
Recommended nameday: 01 November.


Recommended nameday: 13 December.