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The Gyárfás is an old male name of Hungarian origin. It means old (in Hungarian: "öreg").
Recommended nameday: 10 June.


The Gyeke is an old male name of Hungarian origin. Its meaning is unknown. A village of Transylvania is Gyeke.


Recommended nameday: 02 December.


The Gyoma is a Hungarian male name. Its meaning is unknown.
Recommended nameday: 20 October.


The Győrő male name was thought to be the Hungarian translation of Victor which comes from Latin and means winner but it is a false supposition because Győző is an older word than victor, the Latin word.
Recommended namedays: 26 February., 08 May., 28 July., 03 November.
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The Gyula male name derives from the old Hungarian gyula word. Under the system of dual leadership which the Magyars used in the 9th century, the two kings of the tribal confederation were the kende (or kündü) and the gyula.
Recommended namedays: 28 January., 12 April., 27 May., 28 June., 01 July.
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