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The Ákos is an old Hungarian male name. It has Turkic origin. It means white falcon (in Hungarian: "fehér sólyom").
Recommended namedays: 02 January., 27 February., 31 March., 22 June.


The Álmos is an ancient Hungarian male name. It was the name of the father of Árpád prince. It means bought (in Hungarian: "megvett"). The derived from the Hungarian dream (in Hungarian: "álom") word is controversial. The dream of Emese is "Emese will be brought bed of a boy". This boy has been Álmos in the Hungarian mythology.
Recommended namedays: 01 January., 20 February.


The Árpád is an old Hungarian male name. Derivative of the árpa Turkic word. It means esquire chief (in Hungarian: "nemes vezető").
Recommended namedays: 05 January., 31 March., 07 April., 11 December.