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The Szabolcs is an old name of Hungarian origin. It was the name of the 2nd Hungarian prince who was the nephew of Árpád prince. Its meaning is unknown.
Recommended namedays: 17 July., 28 July., 19 September.



The Szalók is a Hungarian name. Its meaning is uncertain maybe it means left handy (in Hungarian: "bal kezes").
Recommended namedays: 24 January., 29 January., 17 May.


Recommended nameday: 01 March.


The Szemere is an old Hungarian name. It means eye, titch, destroyer (in Hungarian: "szemecske, kistermetű, pusztító").
Recommended namedays: 23 February., 26 May.


Recommended nameday: 15 February.


The Szilamér is a Hungarian name which derives from the Hungarian born verb. It means offspring, sprout, born, descendant (in Hungarian: "ivadék, sarj, szülött, utód").
Recommended nameday: 08 February.


The Szilárd is an ancient male name of Hungarian origin. It means solid (in Hungarian: "szilárd"). Its female pair: Szilárda, Szilárdka.
Recommended namedays: 11 March., 12 April., 14 December.


The Szilas is a Hungarian male name. It means elm (in Hungarian: "szilfa").
Recommended nameday: 13 July.


The Szörény is an old Hungarian male name. It means beloved (in Hungarian: "szeretett").
Recommended namedays: 08 January., 23 October.


The Szovárd is an ancient name of Hungarian origin from the ages of the Conquest of the Magyars in Hungary. The name probably derives from the name of Savardians. The Savardians were a Hungarian ethnical group.
Recommended nameday: 17 June.